We encourage people to work in teams of up to four. Additionally, there will be time in the beginning dedicated for you to find a team! You are not required to submit a hack, but there will be workshops and mentors on-hand to help you. However, if you receive travel reimbursement, you must submit one (specified in our contract)!

To ensure that Superposition II is welcoming, all attendees, mentors, and volunteers are required to abide by our code of conduct

All projects must be created during Superposition II. Ideas may be made beforehand, but coding must be during the hackathon. Additionally, teams may not use website, app, or any type of "builder" to assist with their projects (ex. Squarespace, Wix, etc.).

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct will be immediately removed from the event and will forfeit her swag and prizes, even if she wins.